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5-8 October 2021

Exhibition Profile

  • Factory-assembled controls, switchgears, protective appliances
    High-voltage equipment
    Low-voltage installations
    Boxes, consoles, boards

  • Electric machines and power supplies
    Electric motors
    No-break and uninterraptible power supplies
    Converter equipment

  • Drive Mechanisms
    Electric motor drives
    Stepping motors
    Mini- and micro- motors
    Mechanical transmission elements
    Allhydraulic drives - systems, blocks, elements
    Pneumatic actuators - systems, blocks, elements
    Automated process control systems with the use of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic
    Design, assembly, starting-up and adjustmentа, maintenance and service

  • Industrial lighting facilities
    Lamps for fabrication facilities
    Explosion-proof luminaire
    Lamps for lighting working places and devices
    Light display panels and indicators

  • Electrotechnical components and materials, instrument
    Switching, connecting, protective components
    Wiring products
    Solid-state power devices
    Cables, wires, cable fittings
    Electrotechnical materials
    Wiring equipment and instruments
    Personel protection facilities

  • ACS and automation means in electrical facility of enterprises
    ACS power supply, lighting and electric installations of enterprises
    Systems of energy accounting and quality control in enterprises
    Electrical parameters and automation measuring instruments and means

  • CAD electrotechnical systems